Totally unexpected college orgy in the woods

College Fuck Parties 4 years ago 383 701 68 min
They say that unplanned parties are always the best, and I couldn't agree more. For example, today my friends and me went for a walk to the woods. You know, to get some fresh air and all that stuff. After a while we decided to go back, but no matter where we went we only got deeper into the woods. Eventually we had to admit that we got lost. We're not the kind of people who give up easily, so we just went on walking. In the meantime I was thinking of better things that I could do instead of roaming the woods. Why didn't I just stay in the city and hook up with some sexy student girl? Why didn't I throw one of those notorious hardcore sex parties at my place? Anyway, after a couple of hours we heard something and went to that sound. It brought us to a little cottage. And believe it or not, it looked like there was a party in there! The music was blasting, we could see the lights strobing in the windows, and we could hear girls laughing. Just how weird was that? Some chicks partying in some deep forest. It looked suspicious at the very least. But we were tired and hungry and we needed their help. So we knocked on the door, which got the girls screaming. Eventually they let us in, and damn it, it was like getting to a crazy private sex party! All the pretty and sexy party girls were half naked and soooo hot! I didn't wanna go home anymore. I bet these hot student girls wished there were guys at their party, because as soon as we walked in they started seducing us. They said they'd fix us a dinner if we worked really hard for it. And they started to undress. They didn't have to ask us twice, we were ready to fuck their brains out. First they wanted us to eat their pussies, but then it was their turn to please us. I bet these babes were real hot college sluts, as they knew what to do with a cock perfectly. It turned out that one of them was a fan of double penetration sex, and we were happy to get her to cloud nine. The other girls were so impressed that they wanted to do college dp too, and all the dirty-minded college chicks got what they wanted. I think we should repeat it sometime soon!