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Naked girls party in a sauna, part 1

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Part: 1 of 14
Duration: 86min Girls:  Aspen RichardsenKvetaTaya Boys:  IlyaMaximPavelMaximOleg

Actually my friends and me were planning to throw a beach sex party, but we had to change the plans in the very last minute. The reason? The weather got real bad, it started to rain and got cold. What hot student girls would go to the beach on such a day? But still we weren't gonna give up. We decided to throw a wild sex party, and so we will! Besides, we found a way out: a wild sex party in a cool sauna! That way, the pretty party girls would still have to wear sexy bikinis, and hopefully after a couple of drinks we'll see the naked college girls hitting on us :) Ok, so we rented that sauna, called up the hot college chicks, bought lots of booze and some snacks. This sauna was really great, it had a huge jacuzzi bath, a huge pool and lots of other cool places for hot fucking :)

Tags: piercing, lesbian, brunette
Rating: 4.4 (76 votes) Pretty Cool

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Member’s comments (12):

thesums_1134 (15 Nov, 2011)

aspen is always sexy

Beachgoer (20 May, 2011)

What the hell has happened?? There use to be regular updated Sex Parties, but not anymore! One update a month is NOT WORTH THE MONEY!!

ianjane (2 Nov, 2010)

I can watch these and I have sound but when I download them there is no sound ...I wont be coming back to this site ?  

philip.dewinter (16 Aug, 2010)

The girl with the black hair is fucking sexy.

zak (6 Aug, 2010)


jenny (25 Jul, 2010)

the guy with that tooth necklace and black cap is soo hot!!! I would spend a whole weekend with him and his friends there :)

Porn Eye (24 Jul, 2010)


4249 (13 Jul, 2010)

can not watch the movie ?

Admin (10 months ago)
You have a problem? Everything is working ok.

canuck (12 Jul, 2010)

Wow: those are some of the nicest girls I've ever seen on the Web!

Anya fan (29 Jun, 2010)

Thanks Party Participant -- explains why Anya has pubic hair in some scenes and none in others. Would have been nice to have her shaving.

More Anya!!!

Party participant (29 Jun, 2010)

Hi guys. This party was shot two times. First time was unsuccessful. We fun too much and forgot to turn cam`s mike on, so it`s without sound at all (episodes from 8 to 14). Later we`ve bought drİnk and tried to shoot this party again. Think we did it... enjoy.

1950 (16 Jun, 2010)

nice party)))